Mikoh Swimwear Has Entered the Building

Molokai banded bandeau and the Capri basic skimpy bottom

Sundance Beach carried Mikoh swimwear last year. But this year is where its at people! Let’s meet the two lovely ladies who decided to start this amazing brand: Oleema and Kalani Miller.  The girls grew up with the ocean as their backyard in San Clemente, California. Oleema and Kalani spent their childhood in the sun…surfing, tanning, and just hanging out in the ocean. BASICALLY, they grew up in swimsuits with sunburns and sand all over (like us Santa Barbarians and Goletcians).

The two girls’ parents just so happened to be talented designers themselves! So, these lucky girls got to grow up in a house where creativity and expression was always encouraged throughout their daily lives.  Their passions for art, design, and solid education were their stepping stones for something great to come in their near future.

Oleema has always loved fashion. She learned to sew from her mom and even used to draw and create her own wardrobe.  Her love for creating one of a kind pieces and constantly traveling the world quickly became Oleema’s daily life. Kalani has always had a love for art, painting, writing and education. HERE’S THE COOLEST PART…Kalani graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA!!!!…As a communication major (like myself) and a business and English minor in just 3 years! I’m trying to figure out how this impressive accomplishment is possible in a town with so many distractions!

Taking these awesome features Oleema and Kalani hold eventually lead them to a new adventure together. They took their love of traveling, education, fashion, and appreciation for a perfect bikini and created a swimsuit collection.

So where does “Mikoh” come from? Its not that simple, but makes complete sense. You might want to write this part down to figure it out…Just a warning!


The “M” and “I” derive from MIller (their last name). The “K” stands for Kalani. The “O” stands for Oleema. And the “H” stands for their younger sister Hana. Miko also anciently means “female shaman” and “female prophecy” in Japanese. To Oleema and Kalani, Mikoh represents femininity, strength and beauty. Mikoh swimwear is a melding of statement colors and prints fired by the world around us, luxurious fabrics, and the perfect fitting pieces. Mikoh swimwear is seamless and hardware-free as well (awesome). One can actually mix and match all of the pieces together, allowing it to truly be one of a kind.

“Mikoh was created for the confident, chic woman that wants to stand out and make a statement.”

As part of the UCSB community, let’s make SURE we give 100% support to Miss Kalani Miller with Mikoh Swimwear.

Santorini string back one piece
Pictured: Santorini string back one-piece (solid bahama-solid blue).

Reunion top, v-wiring bandeau and the Bali basic booty short bottom
Pictured: Reunion top, v-wiring bandeau (tide bahama-stripe blue) and the Bali basic booty short bottom (tide bahama-stripe blue).

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  • I am absolutely in love with these swimsuits! I have been dying to have one, and i have been keeping my eye on the santortini one piece for the longest time. The only problems I’ve ran into was 1, out of my price range and 2, they are out of stock!

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