Men's Boardshort Trends for 2015 – New Boardshorts Guide

Noa Deane - Rusty Boardshorts


Boardshorts are evolving every season with new and exciting trends and functions. For Spring 2015, we have seen all kinds of new trends, some new and some old. Nowadays almost all boardshorts have stretch for comfort and functionality. Trends are often recycled, take this season’s elastic waistband and scalloped hems for example. Shoots, even stripes are making a comeback this season! Below is a breakdown of the Spring 2015 Men’s Boardshort Trends we have seen going into one of our favorite seasons!




Jack Freestone - Billabong Boardshorts


This Spring we are seeing a reemergence of striped boardshorts. Ahead of the trends as always, Rusty pro surfer Noa Deane incorporated the striped boardshort trend into his signature boardshort by Rusty, The Rusty Nitrous Boardshorts. RVCA followed suit introducing the Honcho Boardshort, a style they carried over to Summer 2015 with new colorways (a little insider info;). The Billabong Spinner Boardshort combines stripes with a touch of Aloha by adding a floral contrast waistband. Zig Zags are stripes too, just ask Alana Blanchard‘s boyfriend Jack Freestone who rocks the zags on his signature boardshorts, The Billabong Shifty X Boardshort.




O'Neill Superfreak Boardshorts


When it comes to boardshorts with stretch, we gotta start out with the stretch master OG’s themselves, O’Neill. These guys introduced The O’Neill Superfreak Boardshort in the early 2000s and boardshorts have never been the same since. They added a strip of neoprene throughout the body of their boardshort to add a stretch that no one had seen at the time. This stretchy boardshort was so sick that they are still producing them today. Hurley jumped in the stretch game as well by introducing their Hurley Phantom Stretch Boardshorts. John John Florence, Hawaii’s golden child and possibly the best surfer in the world rocks the Hurley Phantom stretch material in is new boardie, The Hurley Phantom John John Florence Boardshort. Most of the boardshorts we carry nowadays have some sort of stretch to them.




John Florence Hurley Boardshorts


“She said I’m retro like scallops and bellbottoms” – Unknown


While none of our vendors carry bellbottoms….yet….they do offer scallop taping on their boardshorts! The cool thing is that most of our vendors are stepping it up by adding scallops to classic styles we already love. For instance, Hurley added scallops to their Phantom Block Party Boardshort. O’Neill even added a scallop hem to their Superfreak series, they creatively called it The O’Neill Superfreak Scallop.




Vans Gregg Kaplan Printed Boardhorts


Prints are rad, they invoke thought and tickle your visual senses. With that being said, we are stoked that printed boardshorts are trending for Spring 2015. Another thing we are stoked on is linking with rad new brands! This Spring we are introducing a new brand in Southern California based company, Roark. Roark’s tee shirts are sick and so are their boardies. The colorful pop on the Na Nga Def Boardshort is a testament to Roarks love for prints and cool design. Vans sourced artist Gregg Kaplan to create a print for his signature tri-blend boardshort, The Vans Gregg Kaplan Boardshort.






Hybrid boardshorts are boardshorts that double as basic shorts. The difference is that you can swim and shred in Hybrid boardshorts! Most of the Hybrids we carry have pockets with a drainage system, stretch and are quick to dry. Billabong’s New Order X Hybrid Boardshorts look like your standard mens khaki short. The Quiksilver Street Yoke Short looks alot like a regular short as well but has color blocking for style. Are you into all things heathered? Then The O’Neill Heather Hybrid Freak is the hybrid short for you! It’s heathered look and basic short feel will have you walking straight from the mall into the ocean.




Volley and Elastic Boardshorts


Wanna lounge by the pool in style? Wanna eat, drink and be merry without worrying about having to buy new boardshorts to fit your new waist size? Never fear! That’s what elastic is for! Let it expand with your body! These Elastic Shorts are not made to surf in and adding them to our Spring 2015 Men’s Boardshort guide is almost questionable. We liked the styles so much we said eff it and threw them in. The RVCA Coolin Out Short is for coolin out max, relaxin all cool. The Volcom Questo Short looks super rad, using unique color stripping, allover floral print and an elastic waistband for comfort. Speaking of unique color, Vans really stepped up their elastic short game with The Vans Idler Decksider Short. This short is a cool shade of peach? that Vans calls Marsala.


Now that you know what boardshorts are trending for Spring 2015, figure out what your favorite style is and rock on!

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