I obviously know that Memorial Day isn’t for celebrating the lake…I know its a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. And this is going to be a big one, considering the crazy event that took place last weekend.


ITS ALSO TIME TO GO TO THE LAKE!!!!! Any three day weekend equivalents the lake…And this is how…

3 or 4 days off from work/school + hot weather = the lake

Its simple math. And I’m not going to let anyone ruin my excitement.

So, in the midst of my excitement, I decided to find things to wear for all of us people in Santa Barbara/Goleta who migrate up there! Luckily for you, Sundance Beach has geared up for this summer with awesome L*Space swimsuits, Luli Fama swimsuits, Sofia swimsuits, Volcom board shorts, O’Neill board shorts, and RVCA tank tops…Just to name a few! AND, I’m going to give you some glimpses of what we have in store for you!

Perfect for the evenings after a day on the lake! Shorts, tank tops and sandals. Nothing better! You can still even get some of that late day sun if you’re lucky! Like any of these shirts or shorts? The left mannequin is wearing the Billabong Parlor Tank, $38, and the Volcom Frochickie 2 1/2 inch short, $40. The mannequin on the right is wearing the O’Neill Hootie Tank, $38, and the Volcom Dallas 5 Pckt Short, $40. (Personal note: Volcom has an awesome fit).

So, its always important to try staying away from swimsuits that are completely white or have a lot of white space! The lake water will turn them an ugly brown…And its hard to get them white again considering you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT put a swimsuit in the washing machine! 🙂 So, try avoiding white, even though I’m showing you a picture with some swimsuit bottoms that have some white. There’s always exceptions! I’m sounding condescending, aren’t I? These suits are great because they’re bright and colorful, but don’t scream VIVA LAS VEGAS or anything! They both are awesome quality, coming from L*Space and Luli Fama. The mannequin on the left is wearing the L*Space Lily Beverly Bandeau, $56, and the L*Space Lily Taboo Bottom, $56! The mannequin on the right is wearing the Luli Fama Copa Cabana Slide Halter, $74, and the Luli Fama Copa Cabana Tieside bottom, $76. I personally LOVE the L*Space taboo bottom. It fits great and has medium coverage: Not too skimpy, but not full coverage. I’m an L*Space lover though, so I’m biased of their suits!

Yes, some more L*Space! Towards the end of the day, you always start to get a little tired of the sun, especially if you didn’t apply enough sunscreen. L*Space has great coverups. I pinned this particular one back so you could see the cute bottoms underneath (and so you didn’t think I would just wear a coverup without a suit underneath…no way), so its longer than this picture shows! The mannequin on the left is wearing the L*Space Balboa Catwalk Bottom, $69, and the gorgeous L*Space Lucca Cover Up, $117. The mannequin on the right is wearing the Sofia Amber Ripple Triangle Top, $44, and the Sofia Amber Ripple Tieside Brazil Bottom, $44. The print of the Sofia swimsuit is one of my favorites we have in Sundance Beach right now!

So, obviously its a lot more simple for guys to figure out what to take with them to the lake…

Board shorts and tank tops.

These are my favorite Volcom board shorts that Sundance Beach has at the moment! He is wearing the Volcom Ministone Tank Top, $20, and the Volcom Stoneset Board Shorts, $53. I love the double entendre names that the vendors come up with…Stoneset…haha. That could actually be a triple entendre!

These board shorts are also really awesome. RCVA tank tops and O’Neill board shorts have always been popular sellers at Sundance Beach. RVCA has their own unique twist to their clothing. Even without the RVCA label, one could immediate realize that it belongs to them. He is wearing the RVCA Explosivo Tank, $19.95, and the O’Neill Deserted Board Short, $45.

So yeah, this is super bright. Some guys are into this look though. Again, another RCVA tank top at Sundance Beach! Sundance also has a lot of Hurley board shorts in right now too! The color combo is really fun in this pair of board shorts. The red and blue could be used for Memorial Day AND the 4th of July. Killing two birds with one stone! He is wearing the RCVA Replicant Tank, $20, and the Hurley Phantom 60 Kings RD Board Short, $60.

So all of these outfits are awesome, right? Forgetting something crucial though! Everything else you need to bring…

Goodies everywhere! Hats, beach umbrellas, sunscreen, sandals, visors, towels, etc.! These items are great to help you keep your skin protected while out in the hot sun, weather you’re day beaching or hanging out in the boat. I’m just going to point out the Reef Fannings, $45. They have an awesome bottle opener on the bottom of the sole. I can’t decide if its really gross or really efficient. I’m in-between right now! This picture includes: Maui Babe Browning Lotion, $19, Headhunter SPF30 Sunblock, $12, Havaianas Slim, $20 (great for getting dirty and easy to wash off), O’Neill Mulligan Visor, $22, Quiksilver Classic Visor, $20, Volcom Upright Cheese Hat, $18, RVCA the RVCA Trucker Hat, $19.95, O’Neill Oddity Hat, $18, Ripcurl Enchanted Island Fedora, $48, Quiksilver Pierside Lifeguard Hat, $14, Beach umbrella, $18, and the O’Neill Foundation Towel, $29.

But, I think the most important thing to bring with you is…

CRUCIAL! You cannot even imagine how many people come into Sundance Beach looking for these things AFTER spending a weekend at the lake because they dropped their sunglasses in the water and couldn’t find them. I have some great advice that you should always cherish…Get these BEFORE you head to the lake 🙂

These ideas are not just geared for the lake. They can 100% be for other vacations…going to the beach, going to the snow or wherever. Taking these to the snow wouldn’t be the best idea though. Sundance Beach, and myself, hopes everybody has a fun and safe holiday weekend! And we hope to see everybody in Sundance Beach before the trip and after (to tell us your great stories)!

Countdown: 18 days!

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