November 14, 2014

Marine Layer Productions Calls It Quits.


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A little over two years ago, pro surfer Dane Reynolds revolutionized the way we watch surf videos. Dane started a blog called Marine Layer Productions where he documented his surf travels and random things he was into.


Sure there were other surfers with surf blogs out there, but none were as sick as Marine Layer Productions. Not only was it hip as shit, the surfing quality was above anything else anyone had been putting out at the time. Some of the clips were 3 minutes long and some were like short films. He’d share music, fashion, and gritty pictures from travels.


This blog became the E-Bible of cool for every grom surfer around the globe. This was the first thing every surfer logged onto when they weren’t in the water.

marine layer hipster dane

In the end, Dane got over it. Seeing his time to bail before the lameness ensued, he’s off on new adventures. Below are his thoughts on the whole ordeal:

“I think the bottom line is just… shits changed. I feel like the era… of… a surfer… running their own blog and… making little web clips and shit is kinda over. I feel like Marine Layer kind of existed in that small little blip of time between filming for two years, doing five trips for Taylor Steel and it coming out and having a two minute section. Pretty much now, if you do something good, or bad, it turns up on instagram in like 4 hours…actually……probably less. And I just feel like…. its kind of run its course, and idk I’d like to think that it will be reincarnated in some other form somewhere down the road….cause after all it was kind of just a cloak for my own creative endeavors. I think theres still something there. I can’t imagine it totally ceasing to exist, but, well, maybe it will just be reincarnated under another name…or something…I’m not sure.” -Dane

Watch the video below to hear all the scoops.





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