"Lightwaves" – A Short Surf Film by Philips



All Photos by Kyle Sparks.


Last summer, the mega-huge electronics and light bulb brand Philips called on the former Transworld Surf head honcho Chris Cote to help them produce a short surf film to promote their new Philips Ambilight TV campaign in Europe. Chris recruited pro surfers Damien Hobgood and Chippa Wilson and they set out to the Wadi Wave Pool in the UAE to give it a go.


lightwaves-damien-hobgood lightwaves-damien-hobgood_4 lightwaves-damien-hobgood_3


They met up with an eight man production crew from Sweetgrass Productions that consisted of award-winning producers of the snowboard film “Valhalla.” The crew brought a ton of gear including very costly Hollywood-style lights and equipment, and a 30 pound LED lighted surfboard. They even had trained divers install lighting underwater! The team waited until nightfall and let the two surfers go to town at the best wavepool on Earth.


The results went above and beyond what was expected. The lighting was simply amazing. Unlike most mainstream portrayals of surfing on commercials, the pros actually thought this production was legit. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air for surfers everywhere to actually see real aerials and hard turns in a mainstream commercial instead of contrived editing by someone that has never seen the beach.


Check out the pics, and then watch the video below!


lightwaves-chippa-wilson_3 lightwaves-chippa-wilson lightwaves-damien-hobgood_1 lightwaves-chippa-wilson_4 lightwaves-damien-hobgood_2 lightwaves-chippa-wilson_2


Philips “Lightwaves” – A Short Film by Sweetgrass Productions


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