October 30, 2014

Koa Smith Wins the 2014 GoPro of the World Title



Hawaiian ripper Koa Smith has taken the 2014 “GoPro of the World” crown with his 27 second tube ride at Skeleton Bay, Africa! The endless, dreamy tube is something out of every surfer’s fantasy. Smith drops in, sets up the barrel, and hops on the Namibian freight-train for what seems like an eternity.



Koa-Smith-Skeleton-bay koa_smith


Being one of the many talented surfers on the Hurley surf team Koa is featured in the surf media quite often. But this is definitely his biggest moment in the limelight. Pros from all over the world competed in the GoPro event, where the best clip from each month won $1K and a GoPro. The other entries were stellar, but Koa’s is possibly the best GoPro clip ever captured on what many consider the best wave in the world. Koa collects the $20,000 grand prize and bragging rights for best barrel of the year!


Sit back and imagine this is you!


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