February 6, 2015

Kelly Slater Baywatch Reunion?



Okay, so as far as we know there will never be an actual Baywatch reunion, and if there was one, we doubt Kelly Slater would want to be apart of it. Kelly has expressed his distaste for the show, saying it was bad for the image of surfing. We agree. But new videos making the rounds on the internet show a Kelly x Baywatch collab like no other.




Kelly got a lot of heat from the surfing community at the time, who particularly thought of Baywatch as a joke, and it eventually led to Slater’s decision to quit the show. Regardless, being on the biggest show on television before the age of the internet was huge for Kelly, and helped him become the (almost) household name he is today. And of course, he met co-star Pamela Anderson (at the time one of the biggest sex symbols in the world), which turned out great for Kelly as they eventually became a serious couple for several years in the late 90’s.




Earlier this week a video montage of Slater’s Baywatch surfing surfaced. Some beautiful soul has taken the time to make little montage videos for all the “non-lifeguards” of Baywatch. The Youtube account The Filmmaker Studio has taken tons of old Baywatch clips and compiled them into over a hundred “Baywatch music videos“, and they are a nostalgic look back into the 90s!



Listen to Kelly Slater reflect on being an east coast surfer, surfing against Andy Irons and Baywatch!


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