Just In – Summer Saha Swimwear!


We just received some more Saha bikinis, for all of our Saha lovers! Saha can be described as “an eastern expression which exalts beauty” and is based on life styles and concepts such as nature, yoga, meditation, healthy, and romanticism. These bikini’s target a natural woman with real needs who is searching for comfort and balance in details and design.

onepiece3webOne of our favorite pieces included in this shipment is the Saha Iwa Fringe One Piece Swimsuit! Saha nailed the idea of tie die fringe, which is normally a disaster for most other bikini lines. The faint colors seem to be in the form of a rainbow, but its done beautifully and doesn’t make you think of Lisa Frank coloring books.

This one piece swimsuit crosses and ties in the back, making it adjustable for our individual bodies. The back also has a moderate rear coverage, leaving minimal tan-lines after a day in the sun!


SHOP this and many other SAHA bikinis at Sundance Beach, in store or online!

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