March 24, 2015

Is the Nixon Mini Blaster the Best Beach Speaker Ever?

4 out of 4 boardriding legends approve of the Nixon Mini Blaster.


The wide range of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market is overwhelming to say the least. Every brand you’ve heard of makes one, and many you’ve never heard of. So, what’s the deal? What is the best Bluetooth speaker on the market?

Ironically, a watch company is making the best small speakers we’ve ever seen! Nixon’s Mini Blaster makes it’s bid as the best wireless speaker with water resistant, dustproof, and shockproof construction. This hand-held speaker is the little brother of Nixon’s The Blaster Bluetooth speaker and is right at home on the beach, or in a dorm room.

The pint-sized unit packs a powerful punch with enough bass to easily fill a room with quality sound. Another cool feature is that you can sync a pair of Mini Blasters together for wireless stereo sound that will sure to impress even the most tech-savvy sound nerd. The Mini Blaster wireless speaker is available in about every color you could ask for. In addition, it has a silicon leash that you can use to keep the little buddy secure to your wrist, your handlebars, or while skating down to check the surf.

Did we mention that the Nixon Mini Blaster is a Spring Breakers dream accessory? It’s able to withstand a full day in the sun and salty air while sitting in the sand, has no problem with being spilled on during kegstands, and can be recharged with your cell phone charger! That’s a win-win any day of the week folks.

Tony Hawk catches on to new technology quickly.
Elena Hight’s setup – the Nixon Mini Blaster and the Nixon Small Time Teller.
Nixon Mini Blaster color options – Spring 2015.


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