iPhone Cases Protect Your Dial and Reflect Your Surfer Style

Nowadays we tend to see most people thumbing their way through the day, and one of the only ways to differentiate yourself from the masses is to enhance your iPhone with a much needed case.  Not only are they meant to protect your high-priced dialer, but they’re an extension of your personality.

Sterling Spencer taking phone usage to another level.

Vans recently released their Vans iPhone 4 Case that mimics their vulcanized waffle sole wizardry.  If you are addicted to Vans as much as we are then you know how badly this is a must have.   The case has white sides with a gum rubber back, and even has the Van’s “Off the Wall” tag on the side!

RVCA has released a series of iPhone cases spotlighting a few well known street artists from their Artist Network Program such as Barry Mcgee and Andrew Pommier.  These low profile snap cases will transform your boring phone into an intriguing piece of art.  Show off your artsy side without having to show off.

Barry Mcgee Artist Network Program iPhone Case
Andrew Pommier Artist Network iPhone Case

Of course Volcom has their answer to the iPhone case with the Volcom Spiral OP that will make your eyes pop.   This case has their signature Volcom Stone graphics that are 3 dimensionally molded into the super durable soft rubber case.  Perfect for that youth against establishment.

At Sundance Beach we have a large selection of protection to fit many personalities with cases from Vans, RVCA, Volcom, Roxy, Quiksilver, and super fun shells from DCI.

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