Interview with Yadin Nicol

In the last four years, Australian Yadin Nicol has become one of the most popular surfers in the world. What started out as getting a few shots of huge airs in surf mag’s and Hurley ads eventually led to a starring role in Kai Neville’s revolutionary surf flick Modern Collective. With a follow up appearance in Neville’s second mega-hit Lost Atlas and a starring role in Globe’s award winning film Year Zero, Yadin has solidified his stature as one of the best free-surfers in the world.

This change from the ASP has definitely helped him with his competitive prowess. After a successful ASP Prime and 6-Star campaign, Yadin qualified for the coveted ASP World Tour at the mid –year rotation point in 2011. Unfortunately, during a free-surfing trip to Japan last August, just a few weeks before his first World Tour event, Yadin fractured his ankle while landing a huge punt.   Injury or not, rookie years on tour are always tough. But Yadin’s care-free attitude definitely helps him get through the events when the waves are sub-par.   “Snapper was pretty average,” he admits. “It was a lot like chopped-up, onshore Rincon.”

When asked about his bright selection of wetsuits, Yadin admits that “I picked the colors but they get a little lost in translation (because they were made in japan). My wife wanted the pink and purple one I wore at Bells.”

Making the ASP World Tour is not the only highlight for 2012, as Yadin has become a new father as well. Balancing time away from home for contests and photo trips can be tough.  “I’m not sure how to balance fatherhood and my career yet. It’s still new to me, but it’s awesome being a dad! I guess I’ll have to figure out my schedule and try to spend as much time as I can at home, and then make the most of the time when I’m away.”

Sometimes a lined up pointbreak just won't due. Yadin finds some ramps down the beach.

Living close to the long walls of Rincon is one of the perks too. Any time he’s in town, you can bet on finding him out at the ‘Con when it’s good. With all the talent at Rincon on any given day, Yadin has become mates with the area best pros. “When I’m in SB, I usually surf with Parker Coffin, Kilian Garland, or Pat and Frank Curren.” But even while free-surfing, he’s still thinking about the World Tour. “I’m just trying to focus on the contests right now,” he confesses.

“I like a bit of color on my boards. I spray paint them myself. When I get bored and I look at a white new board I have to put color on it before I surf it. I can't remember the last white board I had.”

Check out this video from a Sunday free session in Santa Barbara, California with Yadin and Kilian boosting big airs!

Story by Ryan Richardson
Video & photos featuring Yadin by Andrew Schoener/


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