International Surfing Day 2011 Enjoys a Wave of Success

Global Surfing Community Joins Together to Spread Awareness

Surfers and ocean lovers from over 30 countries celebrated the 8th annual International Surfing Day (ISD) on Sunday, June 19th with over 200 events taking place worldwide. The highly anticipated event has steadily grown in popularity with the help of social networking sites and prolific surfing websites and has become an Earth Day-like celebration for the surfing community. This year ISD landed on Father’s Day, which made a greater impact on event attendance as sons and daughters around the world shared waves with surf stoked dads. The purpose of ISD is to join people together to share the thrill of riding waves while spreading awareness of the need to protect the oceanic and terrestrial environment. ISD has become one of the most effective ways in the world of bringing surfers of all types and ages together for a common purpose.

Locally, the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation collaborated with Surf Happens surf school to put on a fun-filled ISD party at Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria. Activities included a free surf contest for the kids, surf lessons and advanced coaching, one hour yoga classes, a beach clean-up followed by a discussion concerning ocean stewardship, live music from local bands, booths featuring works from local artists and environmental activists, and a potluck dinner.

Surf Happens Surf Schools and the Santa Barbara chapter of the Surfrider Foundation joined forces for their annual ISD party at Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria.

Surfrider Foundation chapters from around the world helped local organizations in planning events throughout Europe, Australia, the West and East Coast of America, Hawaii, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Africa. Although tallies on attendance were not recorded, the turnout for ISD 2011 was at an all-time high as good weather and waves graced many of the world’s coastlines. Many of the smaller and more isolated coastal communities organized their own mini ISD events to great success, showing the world that ISD can happen anywhere with the right attitude.

Although the surf was small in Southern California for ISD 2011, there was no shortage of fun in the water.

Check out ISD’s Facebook page to see photos and videos from events around the world. Feel free to post your own images and videos of your ISD party and spread the word! Next year’s ISD will take place on June 24th, the closest Sunday to Summer Solstice, and will be bigger than ever as awareness of the event increases. So get out there and join in the fun on International Surfing Day 2012!

ISD 2011 in Greece!
ISD 2011 in Malta!
ISD 2011 in Sanya, China!
ISD 2011 beach clean-up in Brazil!
ISD 2011 in France!
ISD 2011 in Honolulu!

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