Indah Swim and Clothing fit FYI guide before you buy

If you are already familiar with Indah swim and clothing this will make complete sense to you but if you are a first time buyer or have recently bought swim and are interested in clothing or the other way around, you might want to keep reading.

First of all all of Indah’s swim and clothing are hand made so the fit is going to vary regardless of what you are trying on. Second Indah is made in Bali and was conceived in Hawaii and we all know swim runs a little bit smaller in places like these so…

Indah swimwear runs really really teeny tiny. For example I am a size 7 in most jeans and a large in almost every swim bottom but 1/2 of Indah’s swim cuts do not fit me. It all depends on the cut and fabric. I do own quite a few of Indah’s swim suits but mostly bottoms. If they are tie side they fit just fine or if they are elastic sides. The crochet styles don’t have much stretch so they fit the more straight and narrow body type (which I am not). If you are like me and have some curves you might have trouble wearing their tops. I am a 34C and rarely can get into a Large Indah Swim Top. I can’t tell you a complete fit chart for the company but I can tell you how they fit me. I love my Indah swim bottoms and wear them almost every time I go to the beach. They barely cover my butt so if you are conservative this may not be the brand for you.

Don’t be discouraged from wearing Indah clothing if you don’t fit in the swim! In the beginning I thought I couldn’t wear their clothes but then realized they fit totally different. I started by ordering Larges in everything because that is the only size I could ever wear in their swim but the larges in clothing are HUGE well at least on me. If it is shorts or their beach pants stuff like that I would suggest sticking to about the same size as your swim size but I bought one of their rompers the other day in a Medium and it is really big as well as the halter Fountain dress I just bought in Large, I swim in that thing.

So I hope I did my part in helping some of you gals with your concerns about Indah. Love the swim and clothes but the sizing is a little wacky. Good luck to you.

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