Hurley Phantom 60 and Puerto Rico Boardshorts

Hurley Phantom 60 Boardshort available at
Hurley Puerto Rico available at

Hurley has been killing it in the boardshort department! Their signature Puerto Rico print has been in the line smashing it for about 4yrs. Its claim to fame was when it was voted the number one boardshort of 2005. Since then Hurley has put their signature puerto rico print all through the line. From wovens to walkshorts to hats to tee’s the Hurley puerto rico has scene great success! 2 yrs ago Hurley introduced the Phantom boardshort series to the world! The hurley phantom boardshort is pimped out with some of the stretchiest fabric on the market! Hurley has flipped the script every which way on the boardshort making it a best seller at Sundance Beach and Check out the Hurley Phantoms and experiece the nicenesssssss!!! ahhhhh yeahhhhhhh dogggg!

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