How to Pack for Spring Break



Spring Break is approaching quicker than we realize, and if we don’t take it seriously…then we won’t be prepared. During your time away, you don’t really need too much. Things are carefree, easy-going, and (should be) extremely relaxing!




Weather you’re heading to Hawaii, or Florida, or Mexico, or anywhere else, you only need a handful of things to make a it successful trip. What are the necessities when packing? Below are some things that, I believe, are Spring Break necessities!


blue grouping


Everyone always needs a couple of bikinis, like the L*Space Antigua Collection or the Frankies Koa Collection! Of course, you’ll need a cover up! What’s better than a versatile cover up? Nothing. Wear it over your bikini or wear it out to dinner. Some girls, like myself, stick to the comfy tee and denim shorts when heading to the beach or pool.


pink grouping


Going somewhere that requires more color? Issa de’ Mar is a new swimwear line that features great prints and vibrant colors, similar to Maaji, but more subtle. No matter which pop of color you take with you, make sure to grab a stylish beach bag, a unique towel, and (of COURSE) a Nixon Mini Blaster to play music on while you’re relaxing.


black grouping


Black on black on black is always safe. When packing, try to bring some black! Its always flattering and sophisticated. Greenlee makes some of my personal favorite silhouettes, and they just introduced a great new fabulous print! Want some jewelry that you don’t have to worry about getting wet when you dive into the water? No worries–check out Flash Tattoos!




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