How To Care For Swimwear

So you just got an amazing new bikini from Sundance Beach, but do you know how to keep that swimsuit looking great? Well, we are here to help! It’s easy to care for your swimwear and if you do, your itsy bitsy teeny weenie investments will go a long way!

First things first, rinse your suit with cool water after every use. This means hand wash only! It’s also advisable to rinse your swimwear before use to wash out any excess dye that may irritate your skin.

Use a swimsuit cleaner or mild soap to hand wash your suit, which will neutralize any damaging chemicals. Plain water does not remove chlorine or salt water so make sure you don’t skip the soap!

After washing, squeeze any excess water out of your swimsuit, and I don’t mean wring it out within an inch of its life. Gently roll it in a towel to remove moisture and then hang up your suit in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Now we know how nice and relaxing the hot tub can be, but the hot tub is not your swimsuit’s friend! The two get along every once in a while, but this is no long term relationship. The hot tub will break down your suit with continued use so take care if you’d like that bikini to last.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the elements and have fun in that bikini! Follow these simple steps and that gorgeous swimwear of yours will last season after season!

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  • thanks for the post! this is good info to have. i feel like i go through so many suits because i don’t know how to take care of them, but what do ya know, now i do!

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