Holiday #DIY – Surprise Balls!

Surprise Friends and Family With This Handmade Gift!


Photos and How To by Sundance Beach Manager Alyctra Matsushita

The holidays are right around the corner and nothing spreads festive cheer like the magic of unwrapping a Sundance Beach Surprise Ball! These brightly colored balls of fun can be filled with candy, stickers, and other gifts, and make a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves fun and wonder.

What you’ll need:
-Various colors of crepe paper
-Variety of small gifts
-Quick drying glue
-Additional papers or stickers for decorating

What you'll need.
What you’ll need.


1. Getting Started

To begin, prepare your crepe paper by cutting a few three foot pieces, then cut the pieces in half down the middle to make thin, long strips. I found it was easiest to fold up my paper and make one snip down the center. This makes the strips of paper an easier size to wrap around your objects.

Cutting the strips down the middle makes it easier to wrap around your objects.


2. Adding Surprises

Now for the fun part—making the surprise! Pick the inner-most item of the surprise ball; go with the largest item, and wind away. Use a criss-cross pattern to cover the highest surface area. For this ball, I used some delicious smelling Sunbum chapstick with SPF 15—it helps keep lips soft and kiss-ably smooth!

When wrapping the first item, make sure you use a criss-cross pattern to cover more area.


3. Continue Adding Strips

Once your first strip of paper runs out, grab another color to use. Put a dab of glue on the original strip and place the new strip on top. Hold it for a second or two until the glue is dry.

Don’t use too much glue — you don’t want a mushy surprise ball!


4. Add More Surprises

When the first item is completely covered, add another item and continue to wrap the strips of paper around. Here I’ve got some bright My Tie hairties—great for tying up hair and a great accessory for giving a fun pop of color.

When you’ve finished wrapping the first gift, add another and continue the process.


5. Shape the Ball

Continue adding more items, winding paper, and adding more colors. If your ball begins to look lopsided, simply add more items to round it out. Gifts like the Zad Charm in a Bottle Necklace and beaded bracelets work really well as they can be easily molded around the shape of the ball.

Keep adding gifts, wrapping them with paper, and repeat.


6. Finishing Up

Once the ball is nicely rounded and has reached the desired size, put one final drop of glue to seal all your surprises inside. My finished ball was a little smaller than a fist, but they can be whatever size you want. If you’re feeling especially festive, decorate the outside of your ball with stickers, glitter, or more strips of crepe paper.

Once you’ve finished adding gifts and wrapping the ball to the desired size, make sure it’s round and add a final drop of glue to seal the deal!

Voila! These Sundance Beach Surprise Balls are the perfect stocking stuffers, gifts, or holiday party favors!

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