History of L*Space Swimwear

Insight on Designer Swimwear’s Hottest Brand


“I always loved being outdoors and wearing a swimsuit but didn’t know I’d end up a designer,” says Monica Wise about her start in the swimwear industry. Since the launch of L*Space Swimwear in 1997, this iconic brand has turned itself into a household name that appeals to a broad range of fans including surfer girls, dedicated fashion followers, and celebrities like Rihanna, Lauren Conrad, and Jessica Alba.


L*Space bikinis are made for the girl who is active, on-trend, and loves traveling! And with sophisticated prints, the highest quality materials, and innovative details like laser-cut designs and hand-crafted macrame, it’s no wonder that this award-winning brand has become so popular in such a short period. Inspired by beaches around the world and known for its glamorous versatility, L*Space offers stunning silhouettes with an array of fabulous prints, and allows wearers to customize their own personal style with a wide variety of mix and match options.


In 2011, L*Space made fringe a mainstay of the bikini industry. Unique halter tops like the L*Space Fringe Audrey Halter Bikini Top with flowing fringe was a bikini must have and is still trending today with new variations like knotted and printed fringes being all the rage on the runway at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami. L*Space followed up the fringe trend with an updated style called the L*Space Flutter Bye Aliza Halter Bikini Top which featured a laser-cut ruffle in various styles and patterns. Fast forward to 2014 and the new L*Space Sweet & Chic Chloe Wrap Bikini Top is the hot ticket in swimwear style with it’s versatile straps that can be worn in several different ways.


Wise explains that the main influences behind her brand are “A positive, colorful view on life combined with hints of inspirational trips…I like keeping the brand fun, light, and airy.” Wherever Wise is drawing her inspiration from seems to be working, and we expect to see a lot more of L*Space in the future!

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