August 20, 2014

Heavy Wipeouts at the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti

World’s Best Risk Life and Limb!


Day 1 and 2 saw some amazing rides at the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti. Several 9 point rides and even a Perfect 10 were scored as fans and competitors were stoked on the biggest swell in three years at the “End of the Road”. Equally exciting were the life-threatening wipeouts going down throughout the day. The following were some of the best wipeouts of the event.

Even the veterans were not immune from taking gas at Teahupo’o on the first two days of the comp. Former World Champ CJ Hobgood pulled back on a ten foot bomb and got sucked over the falls. You could tell he was rattled, but he still came back and snagged a huge tube before the heat was over.

CJ Hobgood’s nightmare trip over the falls

South African superstar Jordy Smith couldn’t make a barrel on the first wave of a set and then had the rest of the set unload on his head. It ripped his jersey off and he admitted to being out of breath and seeing “blotches” everywhere. One more on the head and he would have passed out for sure. Luckily the Water Patrol was on it and clutched him from the foamy impact zone.

Advance to 24:01 for Jordy’s harrowing ordeal

By far the two most sketchy wipeouts were from local wildcard and trials winner Taumata Puhetini. His Round 1 wipeout was an impressive swan dive to scorpion in the trough that left him looking shaken on the rescue ski moments afterwords. His Round 2 wipeout was actually frightening as the Tahitian took a late drop to freefall, landing awkwardly on the back of his neck. The fall gave the surfer extreme whiplash and he was evacuated with safety crews holding his neck and spine straight. He’s lucky he didn’t get his boardshorts ripped off of him like Bruce Irons did in 2011! Word is that he is recovering, but no details about the severity of the injury.

Taumata Puhetini Wipeout #1

Taumata Puhetini Wipeout #2

Aussie Bede Durbidge also made the list of worst wipeouts of the day. Luckily, he was able to get back on his horse and still catch a few more waves in his heat.

Bede Durbidge’s Wipeout

When competition resumes, Day 3 of the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti is looking to be equally as big as the first two days as another large south west swell hits the island chain on Thursday.

Check out this Wipeout Compilation from Day 1.

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