Fun Summer Accessories In-Store for YOU!

Summer is SO close!

We are all ready for a break from work and to be done with school! We all spend so much on the cutest swimsuits that L*Space, Vix, and Luli Fama have on the racks, but what about all of the other accessories we want to wear with them? Its hard finding yourself buying an expensive hat or beach bag after dropping an entire week’s college-paycheck.


You can completely afford a new summer swimsuit by L*Space AND get the cute fedora or beach bag to match with the new accessories that Sundance Beach has.

Joia Accessories

Rumor has it, Floatopia is approaching…Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to carry all of your items down from Sabado to the the beach in one trip? Not having to climb those steps numerous times…UH, yeah. The beach bag is perfect for that! And, its another great way to pick up your trash after Floatopia, while making sure not to leave a big mess for the city to clean up! The scarfs can used many ways: they can become a typical scarf or they can become a sarong.  The prints on the scarfs are beautiful and there’s many more options at Sundance Beach. Sometimes wearing a typical hat feels lame, but its fun to mix it up with a fedora…A cute way to wear a hat!

These items aren’t just great for friend and family outings to our local beaches. They’re great for lake trips (which I’m more excited about)!

These pictured Joia Accessories are affordable, cute, and perfectly fit the Santa Barbara/Goleta beach look. Wondering how much they cost? The red beach bag, which also comes in brown and green, is $29. The striped beach bag, which comes in yellow, red, green, and black, is also $29. The fedora (hat), which comes in red, blue, and black, is $15. And the scarfs, which comes in many many many different prints, are $19.50! Stop in Sundance Beach before the weekend, or shop online to get these great deals and fun summer items before they run out!

Side Note: Remember, if Floatopia DOES occur, let’s make sure to keep the beaches clean and respect the cities of Goleta and Santa Barbara!

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