FU Wax Now Imported to Sundance Beach

Does The Super Tacky FU Wax Live Up To The Hype?

Kolohe Andino FU Wax

If you haven’t heard about FU Wax yet, it’s a super tacky wax formula out of Brazil that many of the top pros are using these days.  It’s super soft formula makes the wax extremely sticky for added traction which is great for punting airs.  What’s in this magic wax that makes it so great you might ask?  We may never know because FU won’t tell, but boasts that it’s a secret ingredient that’s specific to Brazil.

Super Sticky Surf Wax

Many wax companies, like Sex Wax’s Dream Cream, have come up with their own formula to match the super sticky FU Wax.  There are subtle differences between all of these, but top pros like Kelly Slater, Kolohe Andino, and Taj Burrow stand by FU Wax and won’t use anything else.  With big names like these backing their product they must be doing something right.

We dare you to take the Pepsi challenge.  FU Wax, Sex Wax, and Sticky Bumps are all available at Sundance Beach.  Try them all and let us know what you like best!

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