Free Giveaways at the Surf Video Contest!

We’ve been blabbing and blabbing about Sundance Beach’s Surf Video Contest that’s coming up THIS Saturday!

(The one in 5 days)

BUT! Nobody has really told anybody about the rest of the Saturday’s agenda! BEFORE the Surf Video Contest even starts, Sundance Beach and its sponsors will be setting up their tents in front of the Lobero Theater with free giveaways! Wahoo! Some sponsors will have games to win in order to get the prize! Last year, RVCA set up their tent and was playing Blackjack. Counting cards isn’t allowed (I know who ya’ll are).

Look for sponsor tents from: Volcom, RVCA, SPY, Hurley, Element, O’Neill, Billabong, Reef, Quiksilver, and Electric!

Stop by the Sundance Beach tent and grab some of our freebies! Frisbees, H20 Bottles, AND Baboo-Sundance Beach-environmentally-friendly tote bags (they’re really soft)!

Sundance Beach Freebies!
Stop by the Sundance Beach tent and get these fun beach freebies!

Make sure you stick around after the Surf Video Contest winners are announced! We have a special treat for you all! One of Sundance Beach’s employees will be showing his movie, Way of the Ocean, that was shown at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this year! He’s made some changes and has edited some bits and pieces and has perfected the perfection!

Now there is no excuse why we don’t see YOU at our Surf Video Contest and wandering around our sponsor tents THIS Saturday, starting at 5:00 PM (not AM, nobody will be there yet)!

Visit Sundance Beach for more information!

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