September 17, 2015

Five Funny Instagram Accounts for Surfers

Everyone loves Instagram, especially surfers. Whether it’s living vicariously through the world’s best pros as they cross the globe, or drooling over surreal images by the world’s best surf photographers, Insta can keep a surfer entertained for hours. In the last few years however, funny Instagram accounts for surfers have grown in popularity. Making fun of people is always a top priority for these social media comedians, and not even the best surfers in the world are safe from ridicule. Here’s a look at five accounts that will have you LOL-ing all day.

@kook_of_the_day – 213k followers

This one’s a no brainer. Epic videos and images of surf fails submitted by followers and fans of the account. People wearing wetsuits in places they shouldn’t, interesting ways to load surfboards into vehicles, and other assorted surf silliness never gets old.

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    Grabbing a Big Gulp after an epic surf. Photo by @kook_of_the_day


@kookslams – 105k followers

Well curated wipeouts of superb quality, serious surfing collisions, and other assorted slams caught on video. The kind of clips you can watch over and over and still crack up every time. Fifteen seconds of carnage guaranteed.


@worldsurflols – 38k followers

Pure Photoshop gold that takes aim at surfing’s elite. From tube spiders to whale surfing, this account’s Photoshop creativity sets it apart from the rest. While some of these fake photos might be obvious, others will make you take a second look.

  • funny-instagram-accounts
    Taj attacked by a tube spider. Photo by @worldsurflols


@worldsleepleague – 24k followers

We can’t tell for sure who holds the keys to this account, but it’s most likely Hurley photog @badboyryry (Ryan Miller) or World Tour ripper Kolohe Andino. This account’s behind the scenes shots of World Tour surfers caught passing out at World Surf League contests is classic. It’s always fun to see the hyper-competitive surf stars making fun of each other.

  • funny-instagram-accounts
    "Next heat: CJ Hobgood versus Julian Wilson." Photo by @worldsleepleague


@barrel_dodgers_anonymous – 5k followers

Relatively new to the scene, BDA focuses on the barrel, or the lack thereof. This account consistently collects photographic evidence of crimes against the tube from across the internet. Straightening out, head-first dives, too far out in front, and other types of barrel-dodging are on display as the culprits are urged to seek professional help.


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