Fab Five Bikini Bottoms for Spring!


Picking out your new bikinis for each season is tough, especially when you’re a “bikini collector” like myself! Finding your bikini top isn’t too difficult, for most ladies, but picking out the bottoms to pair with your top…well, that’s a whole other story! I try on each individual top and bottom that flows through Sundance Beach, so I’ve laid out the top 5 bikini bottoms of Spring 2014. You’ll be sure to find these in my closet.

My first pick are the GREENLEE SWIM cheeky side tie bikini bottoms. My favorite feature on these bottoms are that they have seamless construction everywhere except the top of the back, which makes them stay on your booty when you get your bikini wet! Because they’re seamless, the material won’t dig into your hips or sides, allowing for a incredibly flattering fit. They also have cheeky rear coverage, WITH full ruching on the back. Who doesn’t love ruching?


My second pick are the Mikoh Miyako Skimpy Bikini bottoms. What’s great about a basic looking bottom? Its a minimal bikini bottom, but it also doesn’t sit too low on your behind. Sometimes when you have a rounder toosh, then you need that extra little inch of material that will cover the top. This is your bottom! Mikoh is also made with delicate fabric, so there is weightless suspension when you’re getting in and out of the water. Plus, this particular color below looks like water ripples, so it looks great in actual water. From trying these on, I’ve noticed that Mikoh bottoms run small in general, so when grabbing these goodies for yourself, make sure to take that into consideration.


My third pick are the L*Space Estella Classic Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms are great for the lady looking for a flattering bottom that doesn’t necessarily have a minimal coverage. Sometimes we need more coverage, depending on the environment we’ll be in. Whatever your case, these bottoms have a classic rear coverage with a hipster cut and fun cut-out side details, allowing you to still shine some personality and style. Side note–the color pictured below makes everyone look tan!


My fourth pick is from Maaji. Now, Maaji typically offers most of their bottoms with a few different cuts that you can choose from; the top sellers for Sundance Beach are their 1) Cheeky cut and 2) Chi Chi cut. The cut I would recommend would be the cheeky cut. You’ll still get minimal coverage, but with a more flattering illusion. Maaji bottoms have seamless construction as well, but play with incredible patterns that you would usually never mix together. Fun fact–for each piece of Maaji swim purchased, a tree is planted in your behalf!


My last pick are the Luli Fama Wavey Brazilian Tie Side Bikini Bottoms. This style has always been a top seller. These string bikini bottoms are tiny, but have so much to offer. Their full ruched seam down the back gives an instant tush lift. Their wavey edges all around allow for a light comfortable fit that will not dig into your sides. Tie sides are always great because they’re usually adjustable, for our “off-days,” of course.


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