Eco-Friendly Watches by Sprout

Here at Sundance Beach, we are dedicated to being “green” with the way that we live day to day and the products that we carry, so we are all about these great looking watches from Sprout that are great for the environment!

These watches are all 80-86% eco-friendly (varying by weight), made with some really unexpected materials. Many of the Sprout watches are made with corn resin which is 99% biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water within 365 days in a compost environment (which means it won’t break down during regular wear and use). This material is super lightweight too, making you feel like you’re wearing virtually nothing on your wrist!

One of the more unique materials Sprout uses for their watches is fish skin. Who knew fish skin could be made into gorgeous leather for watches? Fish skins are an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather because ocean leather manufacturers use the by-product of the skin from fish farmers who are catching non-endangered species for human consumption. Think about how much Salmon is eaten worldwide. That’s a lot of skins that would otherwise be discarded and wasted! The skins are pliable, durable, beautifully textured and amazingly luxurious and because of the uniqueness of the patterns, no two skins are exactly alike.

Another Sprout Watch eco-friendly material you can find at Sundance Beach is Tyvek, a high-density fiber which is strong, water and tear resistant and is recyclable. Tyvek can also be safely incinerated and if recycling or incineration are not options, Tyvek can be safely land filled. And did we mention, it looks great too! Over time, this material develops a leather-like look without all the damaging effects to the environment.

Sprout’s eco-friendly nature does not end there. They also used only conflict free diamonds , recyclable mineral crystal made from sand, recycled and recyclable packaging, mercury-free batteries, and the list goes on. They are really devoted to doing the most they can for the environment with their product, including philanthropic endeavors.

Do your part by supporting green companies like Sprout!

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