Easter Outfits for the Entire Family!

In case you forgot, Easter is this Sunday!

AND, Sundance Beach wants to help everybody out since the last day to file taxes is today…Don’t worry, don’t stress…Sundance Beach has all the goodies for Easter baskets and outfits for the family to wear to brunch or egg hunting!

Most of the major holidays are associated with a traditional set of colors. For instance, red, green, and white are the colors most commonly used for Christmas, while pink and red are used in almost all of the decorations for Valentine’s Day! Colorful Easter eggs, bright colored baskets and Easter flowers represent the joyous colors of the spring season. So I tried to find some vibrant clothing at Sundance Beach that involves the colors of Easter.

Mother and Father Easter OutfitsEvery dad in Santa Barbara wears shirts like this one. They’re perfect for dinners, brunches, and even Easter. Who would have thought?! So picking up a new one that hasn’t been over worn would be a good idea for this Easter! Every button down woven shirt looks great with khaki shorts or pants. Now, when it comes to moms, a lot of women feel like they can’t shop at Sundance Beach. So not the case! We have a big selection of clothing that can be worn, especially cute spring and summer dresses that are perfect to wear while hanging out with the family on Easter. This dress is a good length and isn’t too short, so one wouldn’t have to worry about the wind or a slight breeze picking up while Easter egg hunting with the kids! I also spruced up the dress with a pretty scarf, in order to keep mom warm or just to cover her shoulders and keep it classy! The “dad” is wearing: the Honolua Coco Palms Woven, $56, the Volcom Sorted Short, $44, and he’s showing off his really cool Rainbow sandals, $48! The “mom” is wearing: the Billabong Jane Dress, $52, a Joia Scarf, only $14, and Ocean Minded Manhattan sandals, $26.

On to the kids!

Sister and Brother Easter OutfitsAwwwww…Aren’t these cute?! What better children outfits are there to wear that don’t involve a cute white summer dress and a plaid woven? NONE! These are perfect for Easter! Your children can still play and not worry about ruining their extremely expensive Church clothes (you could totally wear these outfits to Church though…Just saying)!  As with the “mom” outfit, I threw in a scarf! We don’t want the little daughter getting too cold in the morning or anything. She can use her scarf to keep warm or just to look like she’s wearing the same outfit as her mom! The “brother” outfit really plays off of the dad’s as well! Its basically the same outfit, which is perfect for any day in Santa Barbara, but especially for holidays! The “sister/daughter” outfit is wearing: the O’Neill girl Sweetness Dress, $26, a Joia Scarf, only $12, and cute Roxy Girl Bahama Too sandals, just $13! The “brother/son” outfit is wearing: the Volcom Fallen S/S Youth Woven, $35, the Micros Cliffords Boys Short, $25, and comfortable Quiksilver Carver sandals, $19.

But wait! That’s not all! Don’t forget about helping the Easter Bunny out…Come on, he’s not Santa Claus, he doesn’t have elves to help him out in a workshop or anything!

Easter Basket StuffersI made the picture really big so everybody could see the details! All of these accessories are fun to look at! And they’re fun in general! Everybody loves sandals, everybody loves Zinka (especially if your child participates in Junior Guards), everybody loves their iPod (earphones), everybody loves watching videos, and everybody SHOULD love taking care of their skin! These ideas are all great to fill in the little empty spaces of an Easter basket. The Easter bunny cannot be held responsible for everything, its just not fair. These items range between 50 cents and $35. Big variety and big range of prices to choose from!

P.S. Local surfer Conner Coffin is on the cover of Surfing Magazine (featured as a GREAT Easter basket stuffer)!!!!! Get one to help support Conner and, also, because its just fun to read! Spread the word!

You can find every item in all of these pictures in-store at Sundance Beach!

Sundance Beach hopes everybody has an enjoyable weekend to come!

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