Dos Pueblos Surfer of the Week

Arianna Wallis

Arianna Wallis is a double-threat for other teams competing in the SSS as she competes in Short and Longboard divisions. She finished last year’s season off strong with a1st place in the highly contested Women’s Shortboard division in Ventura and looks to continue her winning ways in the 2011/12 season. The win boosted her up to 5th place in the Womens Shortboard year-end ratings. Arianna also finished 8th place in the Womens Longboard ratings for 2011. Look for Arianna to help the the Dos Pueblos Womens teams rise up in the rankings this year as her surfing progresses and she becomes even more comfortable in contest situations.

Backside bottomturn at Rincon, September 2011.

What year in school are you? Sophomore, 10th grade
How many years have you been on DP Surf Team? 2 years
Shortboard, Longboard, or Bodyboard? Short and Long Board
Regular or Goofy-foot? Goofy Foot
Who are your favorite surfers? Carrisa Moore
Have you been on any surf trips? Where? Not yet
What is your favorite surfspot? Campus Point, Rincon and Jalama Beach
What other hobbies do you have? Swimming
What do you want to study in college? Undecided, however it will be something in the science field.
Why is competing in the SSS important to you?  Because I have always been SO competitive in everything and I enjoy hanging out with my friends at the contests.

Arianna is looking forward to competing in the first SSS contest of the 2011/12 season at Pipes in Ventura on Sunday, October 30th, the same location of her last victory.

Stylin' at Rincon, October 2011.

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