DIY: Beach-Minded Window Art!

We absolutely love getting crafty and creative, learning to use different materials to create something useful or aesthetically pleasing to a communal space at work or home. So much fun! Especially when everyone is in Friday mode. Today was a perfect day to try out an idea we came across using household, everyday items: crayons, wax paper, and an iron. Super simple but with really amazing results! And we decided to choose shapes for the cutouts that have to do with the beach since it just happens to be our favorite place to go. The word beach is even part of our name! Clearly, it’s our thing. Here’s how we created these fun and beautiful window hangings.

Step 1: Choose the crayon colors you would like for your window art cutouts.

Step 2: Peel the paper off of each crayon you are using.

Don’t they look pretty?

Step 3: Collect crayon shavings on a piece of wax paper, preferably from a crayon sharpener since that is the safest method.

Step 4: Fold the piece of wax paper in half and crease each side of the paper into a nice, neat little packageto contain the crayon shavings as pictured.

Step 5: Try on an over-sized Rainbow sandal just to see what it’s like. This has nothing to do with the window art, but we recommend it.

Step 6: Place a piece of paper on either side of the folded wax paper to protect the surface to be ironed on.

Step 7: Go over the paper with the iron a few times and check the crayon in the wax paper to see the melting progress. Continue until desired effect is achieved.

The wax paper will look something like this! These are two different examples of ways that color can be used.

Step 8: Cut our your shapes: in this case, waves…

…or a fun, flirty bikini! This one sure does look a lot like an L*Space bikini, if you ask me.

Step 9: Attach some string using invisible tape.

Step 10: Hang your beachy shapes in a window and let the sunshine illuminate your colorful creation! Enjoy!


  • LOVE THIS! I teach art classes at Open Classroom in Ventura to the KG and First Graders. This will be a fun project we can do with old crayons! Thanks for reminding me of this fun project.

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