Dear Dresses, I love you. Sincerely, Danise

I know its hard to grasp the idea of dresses right now, especially after all of the rain we got the last couple of weeks! But, I was at the Farmers Market in the Camino Real Marketplace yesterday and decided to take a walk through Sundance Beach (I don’t get to really look through things thoroughly anymore). Sundance Beach, seriously, has some of the cutest dresses they’ve ever had right now! I’ve been trying to figure out some outfits to take with me to StageCoach to wear with my cute new cowboy boots…And I found them!

Dresses at Sundance Beach

Now, there are many reasons why dresses are great. However, there are 5 reasons to invest in dresses!

  1. A no-brainer in the morning…You can literally fall out of bed, choose just ONE thing to wear, add a some accessories, and GO! There’s no dealing with mixing, matching, or wondering if the shirt you need is in the washing machine or not.
  2. Easy to dress up or down…Add flip flops and you’re set for the beach. Put that same dress on with beautiful heels and sparkly jewelry and you’re ready for dinner. This idea is ideal for Santa Barbara…And for traveling this summer!
  3. Year-rounding wearing…On all but the coldest and hottest of days, your dress will work with you. Either add tights, boots and a sweater for a Christmas shopping outing or show it some sandals and bangles and you’ll be stylish at a summer BBQ!
  4. No muffin tops…No lumps at the waist is always fun! Pants hardly ever fit the perfectly and properly. We’re all too busy to get the waist or length tailored. We want to wear them NOW! In a dress, there is no gappy waist or a belted muffin top around the midriff.
  5. Instant style points…This one is my favorite! Best for last! People take one look at a dress and assume you made an effort. In our specific society, people still think of dresses as being dressy, and your friends/co-workers/customers/boss will be impressed! The sneaky truth is that a dress actually takes less effort than separates! (Remember #1?) haha

I know not all of the dresses pictured meet each of these 5 reasons to buy a dress! Some work better than others with tights or sandals. They were/are just way too cute for words though. Some are better for different reasons. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with!

Are you wanting some information of where to grab one of these dresses in the picture? At Sundance Beach, of course, duh. From left to right, the Billabong Loveorn Dress, $54, the Lucy Love Jerry Hall Dress, $49, the Volcom Talking Flowers Dress, $53, the Billabong Artest Dress, $39, and the Quiksilver Jr Breezy Dress, $47.

Spring Quarter also starts today at UCSB…What better way to start it than with a cute summer dress?! And going shopping is a great excuse to still be in denial that we still have ten weeks until summer!

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