Days 2 and 3 in Kauai

Path to Pine TreesDays 2 and 3 flew by! They both consisted of very fun activities and things I’ll never forget. I saw many many many more AI signs scattered everywhere. It STILL makes me sad…We drove up the Napali Coast and stopped by Tunnels. It was extremely crowded…especially for it being so flat! I’m not one to be scared of sharks, but knowing Bethany Hamilton got her arm bitten off by a shark there made me a little nervous!

When we were driving back, we stopped at a little market and clothing store. Robin, theScotty owner of the clothing store, told us her life story. It’s pretty awesome actually…Robin was originally from California, but visited Oahu the night she graduated from high school. Her short graduation vacation turned into a month, then two, then three. She then realized she wasn’t going back to California and stayed in Hawaii. She shared many more life experiences in Hawaii with us, which were all great, but I can’t really remember them all because she talked for 30-45 minutes without taking a breath! I encourage you to stop by this little market if you’re ever in Kauai. She owns the little shop and would love to tell stories with you!

The rest of the day consisted of some more tanning at Pine Trees, more stand-up paddle boarding, more shaved ice, more guava juice, more bug bites, etc.! And, of course, there was a big family argument! When there’s 8 people in one house…things get intense!

Sunset at Pine TreesDay 3 was AWESOME! We drove down the coast and went tubing in the Grove Farm sugarcane plantation. It was about an hour long adventure, which consisted of 4 dark caves and a mini-waterfall. At the end we ate lunch close to where Tropic Thunder was filmed, or the first 40 minutes at least. There was also a natural swimming hole that some people went swimming in. The plantation is owned by Stephen Case who is the CEO of AOL. Stephen was born and raised in Hawaii. The Grove Farm sugarcane planation is now approximately 40,000 acres.

This ditch and tunnel system that once irrigated vast sugar crops had been unused since sugar was taken out of production in 2000. The waters which originate near the top of Mount Waialeale, one of the wettest spots in the world, are channeled through ditches and tunnels hand-dug by plantation workers over a century ago. 1849 TO BE EXACT! Crazyness. Because the tunnels were created by sledge hammers, spikes and picks, the walls are NOT smooth or even. This resulted in me hitting my head about six times.Why did I allow myself to hit the wall? Because you aren’t always floating straight, sometimes you are backwards.

We were all exhausted after our adventure, so we took some long naps and woke up around dinner time. If you’ve been to Kauai, you’ve probably stopped by Bubba’s Burgers. If you haven’t been to Kauai, you need to stop by Bubba’s Burgers. And, if you’ve been to Kauai and haven’t stopped by Bubba’s Burgers, then you don’t know what you’re doing. GO TO BUBBA’S BURGERS! And, grab some shaved ice after!

My mom told me that she would give me $50 if I catch a gecko and hold it. This is obviously my new goal by the time I leave. I’m determined!

Random Thoughts/Things I’ve learned:

  1. Andy and Lyndie Irons’ son (named Andrew) has the same birthday as me…December 8th.
  2. Chickens and roosters are everywhere. Why? Because there was a terrible hurricane that hit Kauai in the 1990s. Chickens got loose and multiplied.
  3. Being homeless would be really easy here because there’s chickens everywhere…dinner for free?
  4. Disney tried putting a Disneyland Resort on Oahu. Locals didn’t let them, but there IS a new hotel opening up soon which will teach visitors about the Hawaiian culture and history (upon local requests).
  5. Always close your doors, or else geckos and centipedes (yes, centipedes) will surprise you.
  6. I counted a total of 11 bug bites on myself.

Until next time…(day 4)

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