Danise's Little Joys of Santa Barbara

Everybody has their favorite places and things to do in Santa Barbara. These are mine:

Farren RoadThis is Farren Road. Its fun to drive up it when its a clear day and just hang out! There’s great views: you look one way and you see the ocean and you turn around and see rolling hills and mountains.

UCSB Harder StadiumSanta Barbara is considered to be “soccer heaven.” Most people here grew up playing AYSO and love watching the Gauchos dominate. The games are very family-oriented, so its fun no matter what your age is.

Haskulls BeachHaskulls Beach has history. If you’re a Goleta local, then you probably know it. No need to explain why this is a favorite spot of mine!

Sundance BeachWell, of course I had to add this to the list! Sundance is basically one of the only clothing stores in Goleta. Its frustrating driving from Goleta to downtown on the weekend, so its ridiculously convenient to hit up Sundance!

WhoDidily CupcakesWhoDidily cupcakes are the best! I don’t even mind driving to Montecito to grab some.

Santa Barbara MissionI know, this seems really lame to put the Mission as one of my favorite places, but it really is. Its tons of fun eating your WhoDidily Cupcake on the steps, or having a picnic in the rose garden. On a clear day, you can even see the ocean!

These are just a handful of my favorite places! What are some of yours?

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