Dane Reynolds Signs with Vans

Dane Reynolds in Ventura, CAThis morning Vans announced that Dane Reynolds, a Ventura local, has signed with their surf team. The 26 year-old has already made his mark on the ASP World Tour with Top Ten final rankings, placing 10th in 2009 (10th) and 4th in 2010. However, Dane isn’t just known as a contest surfer, but as a freesurfer as well. He is know for his “go for broke” style of surfing that includes many back to back aerial and inverted tricks. Reynolds started surfing around the age of 10 after he moved from Bakersfield, California to Ventura. It was here on the point breaks around Santa Barbara and Ventura that he derived his progressive style of surf.

Vans supports and promotes surfing and surfers through a full line of footwear and apparel, events such as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, the ASP 4-Stars Vans Pier Classic at Huntington Beach and Vans Pro at the East Coast Surfing Championships,  Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitationals. The Vans Surf team consists of Nathan Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas, Alex Knost, John Florence, Andrew Doheny, Dylan Graves, Wade Goodall and Leila Hurst. Doug Palladini from Vans announced today:

“This is another huge step forward for the burgeoning Vans Surf program and we are incredibly excited to be working with Dane. While it goes without saying that Dane is one of the world’s most influential surfers, he is an ideal fit with Vans because he is a true individual, forging his own path, which fits in beautifully with our surf DNA, built by iconoclastic surfers such as Nathan Fletcher and Joel Tudor. Our commitment to support Dane is symbolic of Vans’ growing leadership in surfing.”

Congrats to Dane Reynolds for signing with such an awesome shoe company. AND, congrats to Vans for signing such an influential surfer.

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Click here to watch a video of Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds
Dane is also sponsored by Quiksilver, Channel Islands surfboards, and Ventura Surf Shop.

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  • How funny! I would always see him wearing Vans even though he was sponsored by DC Shoes for the last 5 years plus. He finally got smart and switched sponsors. I bet DC was bummed on him.

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