Colin Schildhauer: Local Surfer and Talented Artist

Colin SchildhauerColin Schildhauer…Not only is he a fun surfer to watch, but he’s talented beyond the waves. This J7 Surfboards team rider can paint like there’s no tomorrow. Lucky for me, I’ve known him since junior high school, AND lucky for me, he painted me a painting that sits on my wall for everybody to admire when they walk in my room. I think saying “admire” is an understatement though. I’ve had friends offer to buy it from me. YEAH RIGHT! That baby is mine fo-eva! Plus, it took me many years to finally get a piece of work from him. I’ve been trying to convince him to paint me something since I can remember, and he finally did!

Not only is this painting eye-striking, but Colin painted it to flow with my “jungle” themed Danise's painting by Colin Schildhauerroom. How cool is that?! Every time I look at it I find something else. It’s a never-ending treasure hunt on my wall…And that is what is amazing.

I had clearly known Colin’s talent before he finished my painting though. However, the closest artwork I ever got from him before this particular painting was a graffiti “happy birthday Danise” card for my 17th birthday. Colin shared that his passion for art started at a young age and believes that anything somebody is passionate about will acquire some sort of talent. However, Colin is still trying to figure how and when his talents came/come into play.

As you’ve probably already assumed, I’m absolutely in love with this painting and it will go with me wherever I go in life. That’s a bold and true statement.

I asked Colin to describe himself in 5 words, he had to go all witty on me and say: Colin Kubo Schildhauer Goleta Painter. That’s a sentence, not 5 describing words! Geez! Personally, I would describe Colin as 1) genuine, 2) laid back, 3) loyal, 4) determined, and 5) courteous. I think I might need more than just 5 words…Oh well.

I’m going to try painting a picture in your head. Colin’s first painting, that he can Colin Schildhauerremember, was acrylics on canvas and conveyed a city scape with rising viruses, a trash can on fire, surrounded by a ghostly figure and some other amphibious creatures. In 2010, Colin became interested in painting with the Plein air (painting outside), so he searches out and paints local spots in Goleta which he feels has some special sentimental value to them.

Aside from landscapes, Colin also paints dreamscapes. He hopes to enhance a new sense of wonder to his viewer by filling his paintings with battling paradoxes between good and evil, dark and light, galaxies, aliens, existence, death and everything in-between. Colin likes to create art that fits into a large spectrum of color feeling and emotion. His style is filled with contrast…He has dozens of paintings filled with macabre creatures eating each other in nebula dust (not exactly sure what this is), as well as sunny afternoon landscapes of Refugio State Beach.

Colin SchildhauerSo where does Colin come up with all of these ideas? They usually emerge through his completely random daily thoughts. He typically will then sketch his idea down quickly and decide if he wants to continue to work with the idea or not. He has been influenced by numerous old creatures films from when he was a kid growing up. The creatures created by Ray Harrihousen, Jim Henson, and George Lucas in particular. Colin is also compelled by painters from the Renaissance and Baroque due to their ways of being able to create great emotions through their use of color and composition. In particular, some of his favorite painters are Caravaggio, Goya, El Greco, the French impressionists, and his all-time favorite Dali.

Colin's Style Your Sole TOMs for Sundance Beach
Colin's TOMs he created for Sundance Beach's Style Your Sole Event

Not only has Colin painted on canvases, he also participated in TOM’s Shoes Style Your Sole event held by Sundance Beach. Many employees described the pair he drew on as their “favorite.” They were my favorite too, but I’m obviously biased, so I don’t count.

Colin is currently building up his “stash of paintings,” and looking to show work in shows to come. He doesn’t have a website created at the moment, but plans to soon in the future. So, make sure to stay tuned and keep an “ear out” for Colin’s name!

If you’re interested in Colin’s work, email Colin at

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