Carlos Burle Rides Biggest Wave Ever?

Potential World Record at Maxed-Out Nazare, Maya Gabeira’s Near Death Experience!

Monday, October 28 – Nazare, Portugal – The same spot that Garrett McNamara claimed the Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever surfed just over a year ago has produced another potential world record early this morning. Brazilian big wave charger Carlos Burle was towed-in to what most are saying is the biggest wave ever ridden.

In addition to Carlos’ heavy ride, many other European and Brazilian big wave surfers had a go at the 70′ plus bombs including Pedro Scooby, Felipe “Gordo” Cesariano, Hugo Vao, Maya Gabeira, Rodrigo Koxa, Sylvio Mancuso, Eric Rebiere, Andrew Cotton and Hawaiian Garrett McNamara.

Maya Gabeira was sent to the hospital with a broken ankle when 7 stories of water crashed down on her on a huge set wave. She is doing good at present and is expected to make a full recovery.

With the Northern Hemisphere’s big wave season just starting up, you can expect many more gigantic days of surf in Portugal, Ireland, Northern California, and Hawaii as more and more crews of big wave hellmen (and women) tackle the heaviest seas in the world. Stay tuned.

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