Cali's Finest Stops by The Sundance Beach Warehouse

Today Mike and Dave from Cali’s Finest stopped by the shop to show off their gear. They had some really cool graphics most of which are available at Sundance Beach. We also have a few mens styles available at

Calis finest
Cali's Finest summer 2011

They have everything from a basic tee with the state of California on it, to a tank top with a rastafarian CF to symbolize Cali’s Finest. My favorite tee would have to be the CF Bear State, which features a huge picture of the state of California in vibrant reds and whites. When you turn it around theres a picture of the Hawaiian Islands with the Hawaiian flag in the image. In a clean cursive the phrase “with aloha” signifies the companies closley knit ties with the islands.

Cali's Finest "with aloha"!! Chee heee!

It always a great day when you get to check out sick gear from the beach, Sundance Beach that is! Check us out online for the sickest in apperal at ! Stay cool and stay stoked! PEaces. . .

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