April 1, 2015

Bu the Surfing Pig Catches a Wave on His Own!

At only 12 weeks old, Bu is already charging the North Shore solo!

Yes, “Bu North Shore¬†Surfing Pig” really surfs! We’ve all seen images of many kinds of critters surfing for decades now. But ever since the GoPro camera changed the way we document surf action the amount of surfing animals has skyrocketed! The dogs are still in the surf, but now there’s rats, Llamas, goats, and even little pigs!

Bu looking back on his first solo wave, a left!
Bu handling a hollow section on this right. Notice his weight on his inside rail to angle down the line.

Bu North Shore Surfing Pig, has become somewhat of a celebrity recently as his social media following increases after each post. Except he actually surfs way better than any celebrity! There’s quite a few surfing piggies in Hawaii at the moment, but Bu is the only one we’ve seen that has ridden a wave by himself. Check out these clips of Bu in action! Go Bu!

This is Bu’s first solo wave at only 9 weeks old. He appears to love it as he squeals with happiness at the end of the ride! He got a little cold waiting for his dad to come retrieve him though.

Now at 12 weeks old Bu is ripping! He can actually angle down the line and get more length out of his ride, instead of going straight towards shore. Amazing!

On this wave Bu actually has one hoof fall off a few times and he still recovers and finishes the wave! Radical!

Can’t get enough of Bu? Follow him on his social media accounts at:

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