Billabong Gets Irie With Bob Marley Collaboration!

BILLABONG X BOB MARLEY it doesnt get much more irie than this!

Have you ever heard the song Everybody Loves Bob Marley by Macka B? Well if not, its def worth a listen! The song explains in detail why everyone loves Bob Marley! For those of you who have never heard of Bob Marley, I will do my best to explain who he was in a few words. Bob Marley was a freedom fighting, soul rebel, ready to chase those cray bald heads out of town! Okay, Im sure that didnt help at all. . .But if you don’t know who Bob Marley is, then you’ve been living under a rock for the past 40-50 yrs or have no connection with music!

Bob Marley was the world’s first reggae superstar. He was part of the Jamaican group The Wailers, along with reggae greats Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh. In the late 1960s and early ’70s Marley, a Rastafarian, gained early attention for writing hits recorded by others, including “Stir It Up” (recorded by Johnny Nash) and “I Shot The Sheriff” (a hit for Eric Clapton). But then he came into his own international fame with songs that spoke of politics, religion and life on the streets, including his anthemic “Get Up, Stand Up.” Marley was a global superstar when he died of cancer at the young age of 36. A greatest hits compilation titled Legend was released in 1984; it sold millions and earned a reputation as the one reggae album owned by people who own just one reggae album.

Bob Marley’s wife, Rita, and his son, Ziggy, have recording careers of their own… Bob Marley died after a melanoma (or skin cancer) from his toe spread to his brain and lungs. The melanoma was discovered in 1977 after Marley injured the toe during a soccer game; he reportedly refused to have the toe amputated as recommended by doctors, and over the next four years the cancer spread until it ended his life.

So your getting ready for the live reggae show when you come across a problem: OMG! What am I going to wear????

Do I wear the Bob Marley t-shirt that I wear to every reggae show in honor of the legend?

You can never go wrong with alittle bit of Bob Marley in your life!

Or do I stay true to my surfing roots and rock the Billabong t-shirt??

Billabong has been holding it down for days! Not only do they always have killer graphics, but the materials are of the finest quality!

Never fear!!! The homies at Billabong have made it super easy by collaborating with the legendary Marley family on some dope new threads!

Sales manager and visual specialist Chris Garcia rocking that fresh Billabong X Bob Marley gear. . .aw gigiddy gigiddy!!

Consisting of tee’s, tanks, board shorts, a belt and even a beanie Billabong X Bob Marley got you covered!

The Marley family owns the rights to their legendary brand and don’t do collabs with just any ol company. After three years of negotiations The Marley family finally inked a deal with the infamous board sports brand Billabong. After seeing that Billabong stands for everything the family stands for: Equality, Authenticity and Equality they decided to jump on board (no they didn’t start surfing)! All of the collaborations are Eco-friendly, something both companies feel is very important.

Using the best material from Billabong and the most classic Bob Marley imagery there is no way you can lose with this collab! Stop by the shop or shop online for that good good and that new new! Like Bob Marley would say “make way for a positive day”!

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