The Billabong Surf MonopolyAfter months of rumors, Billabong International announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Costa Mesa, California-based apparel brand RVCA for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition notice comes as little surprise, as speculation of the news has been circulating since early spring.

Why did RVCA sell itself to  Billabong?

RVCA started out in Costa Mesa, California in 2001 by Pat Tenore. Pat and friends started the company in his garage and over the past 9 years has expanded their distribution overseas and though out major retailers such as Nordstroms and PacSun. Though most of mainstream America pronounces the companies name as REVCAH or simply R.V.C.A. (actually prnounced  ruca) the company has been growing,and growing and growing. . . GROWING SO BIG!!!!!! that they ran out of money for production, and were unable to please every vendors pre book needs. Thats when “The Godfather Company” Billabong stepped in to help a brother out! Funding the homies at RVCA so they can keep rollin’! So ultimately, RVCA’s stoked the big dogs got their back, and Billabongs just lookin’ out for the lil homie on the come up!  for the freshest in RVCA and Billabong clothing!

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