Beachwear is Not just for the Beach Anymore

Beachwear is Not Just for the Beach Anymore

When you think of beachwear, what immediately comes to mind?  You may think of a bikini, a sarong, or even flip-flops.  However, these items are the only pieces that beachwear consists of these days.  Today, beachwear is synonymous with so much more than a simple swimsuit.  Today, beachwear means summertime clothing and style, not just the clothing you would wear on the sand and in the sea.

Beachwear isn’t just for the beach anymore.  It is so much more than that!  Various styles have become popular throughout the world during the warmer months, as styles by L*Space, Indah, and Superfreaks, all have come to show us.  In fact, beachwear accessories such as Sanuk sandals and Spy sunglasses are also great for non-beach events!  So, think about these great brands and consider these styles for your new summer wardrobe.

Peasant Tops

Peasant tops are back and in a big way.  These adorable, lightweight tops are ideal for hitting the beach during the day or the hottest club at night – and everything in between!  Peasant tops paired with skinny jeans, rolled-up boyfriend shorts, or even a skirt is just the ticket!  It might be a good idea to get a few in different colors.

The Boyfriend Jean

The boyfriend jean has never been hotter – and now you can get it in a short, as well!  Make sure that you pair boyfriend jeans with something super sexy and feminine; otherwise you’ll not be able to pull it off.  Some chunky high-heel sandals or a frilly shirt should do the trick.

Print Dresses

Print dresses are really big this summer.  What can be cuter than a simple summer dress with an adorable print on it?  These dresses are perfect for throwing on over your bikini on the way to the beach or during the day at the office with a sweater!  Pick up a few of these from your favorite brand and you’re sure to love your new summer style.  They look great with boots, high heels, and even flip flops.

Sporty Styles

If you love sportswear, then this is your summer!  This year, beachwear and sportswear have been combined to make a whole new level of cool – and fun.  Go tomboy chic with an effortless look with football-inspired tops and ensembles.  Be that sporty bombshell you always wanted to be!  These styles are great for dancing, lunches, and even the beach!

In the summer you want lightweight clothing that flows like the breeze, and that’s exactly what beachwear is.  Plain or fancy, long or short, beachwear includes everything from sleeveless t-shirts and halter tops to gauzy dresses and Russian pants.  It just comes down to what you want your summer beachwear to be!  When it comes to summer style, you don’t have much to worry about, as long as you love it, it feels good, and it is in style.


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