An Interview With Bobby Martinez

Left: Bobby Martinez with Men's Buyer Preston Berk. Right: Bobby's polished backside style. Photo by Seth De Roulet.
Left: Bobby Martinez with Men’s Buyer Preston Berk. Right: Bobby’s polished backside style. Photo by Seth De Roulet.

About two months ago we brought in Santa Barbara pro surfer Bobby Martinez‘s new clothing line Seasic. After a month of watching his product fly off the shelves it was time to do a fill in! While placing the order with Bobby himself, we got to talking about this and that and his future plans for Seasic. This is what the man had to say:

What are Seasic’s future plans as far as clothing goes? Will you continue exclusively with hats and tees or bring in new categories such as boardies and button up tees?

Bobby – Yeah, we definitely want to bring in a full line one day. As for now, since our budget is small, we’re just doing shirts and hats. We’re gonna add a beanie within the next couple months and hopefully next year we can do sweatshirts too.  But my goal is to one day have a full line of everything!


Is Seasic looking to start a team? If so, who is set to be on it?

Bobby – As of now we are so small we can’t afford a team. When we get to the point to get a team together we will have to look and see who is gonna be a good fit with us.

What would be your dream team for Seasic?

Bobby – There’s so many Hawaiian surfers I would love to have on my team, along with a few Cali surfers too! The list runs deep so I could be here for days. But I’d go from the older generation from Michael and Derek Ho to Mike’s son Mason and bunch of guys in between. I want Seasic to be for the core surfers not the hipster stylish surfers. The more rugged and raw surfers that the surf industry doesn’t like cuz they aren’t a fashion surfer. The surf industry now is a fashion surf industry. I want to bring it back to the real surfers who surf to surf and be who they are.

Bobby finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Photo by Seth De Roulet/Surfing Mag.
Bobby finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Photo by Seth De Roulet/Surfing Mag.

What do you do when there is no surf in town?

Bobby – I train Jiu jitsu, boxing or kickboxing. That’s what I do everyday when there’s no waves

We hear that you are doing the APSS #3 Huntington contest. What made you decide to compete again? Will we see you in more contests in the future?

Bobby – I’m not sure if im going to do that contest. I’m entered in it and if I can make it to the event then I will, but we will see when that time comes. I definitely won’t compete any more. I’m done with it, I might just do a few Cali contest that aren’t sanctioned by the ASP.  I’ll just do a few just to have fun but that’s about it.


What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

Bobby – I been listening a lot to Pink Floyd and older rock n’ roll music lately. I still listen to 2pac and older rap music of that era. I hate the new music these days, so I just listen to good music from the old days.

Whats your favorite account to follow on instagram?

Bobby – Sundance Beach! Duhhhh!! Haha!

Be sure to check out Bobby’s full line of Seasic Clothing in store and online. Also, make sure you check out for the latest Seasic news, product, and Lobster files!

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