Alana Blanchard is a Secret Agent!

Rip Curl’s Media Darling Accepts New Role in Secret Mission alanaad660That’s right. The seductive pro surfer can now add Secret Agent to her lists of accomplishments. The surf world superstar became a mainstream babe with her photo shoot in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and her look did not go unnoticed.

Now everyone wants a piece of Alana. Mobile phone giant T-Mobile has just featured Alana in a new add campaign highlighting their new Sony Experia Z water-proof phone while wearing here signature line of bikinis from Rip Curl. Compared to the acting skills of Kelly Slater (Baywatch, early 90’s) and Shane Dorian (In Gods’ Hands, late 90’s), Alana has already one-upped the rest of the surfer/actors with this new commercial. Great job Alana!

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