A True TOMS Story…

I was forwarded this short email by somebody I work with, who received it from our TOMS rep.  At first I thought it was just going to be a cute little story…But, when I started reading it…I teared up. Everybody should take the few minutes out of their day to read this.

Hello Everyone,

Occasionally we get a Giving story so great, we just have to share it with all of you. Read on for a story we just received from South Africa…

This story comes to us from the staff of our Giving Partner in South Africa, Missionvale Care Center, and illustrates how powerful a pair of new, well-fitting shoes can be to a child.

“When Renaldo came to the Missionvale Care Centre, our staff asked him why he wasn’t at school, and he said that the kids at school were teasing him about his old and worn shoes. We couldn’t believe he managed to walk in them – the terrain in Missionvale is extremely uneven and there are always rocks and broken glass on the dirt roads.  We checked our clothing warehouse, but unfortunately the only shoes we could find were far too small for his feet. He was very disappointed, but the Centre staff encouraged him to stay hopeful.
When the shipment of TOMS Shoes arrived at our warehouse, we sent for Renaldo and he came back that same day.  He tried on the shoes – and they fit perfectly! Renaldo was ecstatic and proudly showed his shoes off.  The expression on his face was absolutely priceless.  None of us will ever forget that day.  He practically danced in front of us with excitement!
Renaldo returned to school the very next day and his mom tells us that he takes very good care of his TOMS.  We heard the first few nights he slept with the new shoes next to him.  Every day he comes home, takes them off, wipes off the dust and neatly places them next to his bed for the following day.”

Renaldo's Shoes
Renaldo's mother holding is old and worn out shoes. Can you imagine walking in them?

TOM’S One-For-One movement is inspiring. With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Lots of children that grow up in underprivileged and developing countries grow up barefoot and without any shoes. These children could be at risk…

What if a child gets a foot injury and they have to walk to the nearest medical center to get help? On the way, their injury could become extremely infected. And the worst part is that most of them cannot afford to prevent these injuries and/or treat them.

Just imagine the possibilities you can give a child with just a pair of shoes. Healthy children are more likely to be successful in school, leading to a better chance of improving the future of their communities.

Let’s all try to help the children out, even if it just means spreading the word. We have a variety of different TOMS shoes at Sundance Beach right now. Stop by the store (while grabbing your Surf Video Contest application) and check them out.

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