It’s that time of year again. That time of year when you have to find some kind of gift that your surfer will like. It’s not easy. Surfers can easily spot brands that aren’t genuine. Luckily, we’ve found a wishlist of what the world’s hottest pro surfers want for Christmas. If your surfer is a fan of these five pros, then chances are they’ll want the same things this holiday season!



Dane Reynolds




  1. Coloring Crayons
  2. Cheap Beer
  3. Boring novels
  4. Vans Shoes
  5. Quiksilver Boardshorts



DionĀ Agius




  1. Oversized Neff beanie
  2. Deep scoop fashion tee
  3. Man jewelry
  4. Coffee
  5. A ticket to France



Noa Deane




  1. Pack of stogs
  2. Crappy guitar
  3. Retro camera
  4. D’Blanc Sunnies
  5. Rusty Boardshorts



Luke Davis




  1. Byrd Pomade
  2. Hair Dye
  3. Cailin Russo
  4. Reef shoes and sandals
  5. The no flex zone



Alana Blanchard




  1. Jack Freestone
  2. Rip Curl bikinis and women’s clothing
  3. More Instagram followers
  4. Time on Kauai
  5. Spy Sunglasses


Happy Holidays from Sundance Beach! Don’t forget to SHOP our Holiday Gift Guide!

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