23 Questions with Andrew Bennett

23 Questions with Sundance Beach’s Team Rider Andrew Bennett

When/where was the first contest you remember? The first contest I competed in was the 2004 Rincon Classic.

How old were you? I was 15.

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Surfing at the ranch during the summertime.

If you had one last wish, what would you wish for? I would wish for the perfect storm.

What’s your favorite surf film? Who’s J.O.B? Jamie O’Brien’s new movie has some of the best tube footage! Although September Sessions has always been my favorite.

What do you do before a heat in order to pump yourself up? I get excited by thinking about how fun having a good heat would be. I don’t like to feel overly pumped up before riding a wave, especially in a heat.

If you could hang out with ONE celebrity for the day, who would you choose? I would choose to hang out with Adam Sandler.

What are your words to live by? Think good, and only good will happen.

What’s the scariest situation you’ve been in surfing? When I was caught inside paddling out at pipeline and drifted in the current to Ehukai beach shore break. The waves there can be extremely thick over shallow sandbars. I barely got through a set that would have broken my board and held me under for a while.

Pacific or Atlantic? Or Indian…? I’m all about the Pacific!

If your life was spontaneously changed into some movie, which movie and/or actor would you like it to be? I would choose to be the Gladiator minus the part where he dies at the end.

Blondes or brunettes? Blondes.

What surfer(s) did you look up to as a child that you feel has influenced you the most? The Hobgood Twins and Rob Machado.

What are your favorite top 5 surf spots? Macaronis, Restaurants, Pipeline, The Hole, and El Capitan.

What are your favorite non-surfing activities? Basketball, cooking, hiking and editing surf footage.

Who is your favorite person to surf with? When the waves are firing, Luke Duncan because he gets real pumped on perfect surf.

If you won a million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with it? I would build a house with a view of home, invest, and take 9 friends on a surf trip in the Mentawais, Indonesia.

What are you scared of? Snakes, Spiders, Centipedes, Big Cats, and Semi Trucks all scare me.

What do you tell yourself on days when you really don’t want to get out there? How do you stay motivated? I know that after a surf, I’ll always feel happier and glad that I went out.

What’s the most exciting or best part of what you do? The best parts are the moments surfing at home when the surf is amazing and there are only a couple of your friends around.

Favorite movie? Funny People.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Talking during a movie.

What advice to you have for competitive young surfers? Be smart about which waves you catch during a heat and think positive.

You’re lucky you got to grow up on the ranch…How do you think it influenced your surfing? I think it has given me a lot of opportunity to improve in every aspect except for bigger surf. It has influenced my style and the way that I read waves.

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Look for Sundance Beach‘s upcoming magazine, featuring Andrew’s big win at the Rincon Classic. Expect great photos from the contest, courtesy of Jon Schaefer!


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