January 23, 2015

10-Time Champ Demi Boelsterli Talks Rincon Classic



Santa Barbara’s Demi Boelsterli is a standout in any lineup. The WQS ripper and Sundance Beach Pioneer is a fierce competitor around the world. At Rincon however, Demi is the undisputed Queen of the “Queen of the Coast” with an astounding 10 Rincon Classic titles!




We recently had a chance to talk to Demi about her relationship with the Rincon Classic and what it means to the SB surf scene.



How old were you when you entered your first Con Classic?


I think I was 14 the first year. So, 2013 was the first time i competed. (haha)


How many times have you won the Rincon Classic?


I’ve won the Women’s Division 10 times, and when I was younger I won the Wahine Division once or twice. I always had better luck getting good waves during the women’s heat for some reason.


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In what ways does the Rincon Classic help the local surfing community? 


The contest really brings everybody together for a solid weekend. It doesn’t get much better than hanging out at the beach watching all your friends and favorite local surfers surfing one of the best waves around. The groms are always so stoked to see the local pros like Bobby and Conner surf. Not to mention that they get to surf in the same event as them. I think that’s really neat that some random ten year old gets to surf an event with world renowned surfers.


How has the event changed over the years?


The last few years the contest has drawn a lot more people to the event. More professionals are surfing in it, and lots of people from other places are trying to sign up for it. The parking lot is a joke, but its nice that all these people want to come watch every one surf. It’s a really great event. (Side note: Luckily, the 2015 Rincon Classic now has overflow parking at Channel Islands Surfboards factory with a free shuttle!)




What is your favorite part of the event?


I think my favorite is watching the mini-groms go out. They’re all so small and the waves are always good. You just see them trying so hard with their little arms. It’s the cutest thing ever. It’s neat too because most of them grow up so quick and end up surfing better than me within a few years. I love it.


You have taught a lot of groms how to surf as an instructor and mentor. Do you see any of them competing in the event?


Yeah, there’s kids I’ve pushed into their first waves ever and are now out there¬†competing and doing well. It’s super exciting to see them having a good time.




Does the Con Classic help you prepare for the WQS? Or is it all fun with friends?


To me its all fun. The WQS is such a serious scene. Down at the Classic all my friends are there hanging out and one of my best friends is always in my heat so its really hard to take it too seriously But that’s also one of the reasons I really like the event. It’s just about surfing and friends, and those are two great things.


Demi on art and what inspires her creativity – Interview and edit by Nick Liotta.



Check out Demi and our other Pioneer Andrew Bennett and Kilian Garland at the 2015 Rincon Classic this weekend! Get event details at www.rinconclassic.com

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