10 Things to do with a TOMS flag

TOMs feet
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know by now that I’m in love with TOMS and everything they stand for. Besides just wearing my TOMS, sometimes I wonder what else I can do to help gain more awareness. So, I thought I could figure some fun things to do with a TOMS flag. Here are 10 things you can do with a TOMS flag that will not only be eye catching, but also be really fun.

TOMs luggage
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

1. Sew your TOMS flag on to your luggage while traveling. You don’t even need to be great at sewing because I think it would look better with inconsistent sewing around the edges. What better way to represent TOMS than in an airport?! There’s thousands of people who will see your suitcase passing by in multiple places: where you deport and where you arrive!

2. Take the TOMS flag bag that they come in and make a purse out of it. Just find a strap and tie it to the holes on each side and you’re good to go! You can spice it up by tying a scarf to the side of the strap, shown in the picture. I’m sure there’s lots of other things that you can add to give it your own personal touch!

TOMs satchel/purse
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

3. Put it on your graduation cap. I know, this is only capable during graduation time. Either way, I remember running out of ideas of what to put on my grad cap when the time came around. Keep this idea in the back of your mind! It’s a good way for hundreds/thousands of people to gain awareness of the awesome non-profit organization.

TOMs graduation cap
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

4. This one goes out on a limb-BUT, wouldn’t it be awesome to sew the flag on to your bikini? Cut it up into three pieces and go for it. This might take some sewing experience to figure out. I definitely would not be able to sew this, even though it looks fairly simple. If anybody gives this a try…Send me a picture so I can see please!

TOMs swimsuit
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

5. This one is simple! TOMS typically (or should) come with a sticker and a flag. Why don’t you stick the sticker on the back of your car? I mean, come on, if you put it on the window the sticker WILL come off when you’re ready. Just don’t put it on the actual car paint. Just do it 🙂 Think about everywhere you drive. The person behind you in traffic will sneak out their phone and google TOMS shoes if they don’t know what it is already. AND if the car behind you DOES know, well then maybe you will encourage them to go grab another pair!

TOMs bumper sticker
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

6. One could also take the TOMS flag and cut it into cool shapes and sew it on to your…(ready for this?)…YOUR TOMS!! What a brilliant idea. I know, I know. If you’re not good with the sewing department, try drawing it on! Have your own mini Style Your Sole party. Go pick up some decofabric pens and get drawing. Or do both! Sew AND draw! How cool would you be?!

7. Don’t want anything too permanent? Not digging the sticker on the car? Or the drawing

TOMs sidewalk chalk
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

on your brand new TOMS? Don’t fret, I obviously have an idea that you can do with your children, or friends, or whoever you want. Everybody likes to play with sidewalk chalk…and if you don’t, then you’re in denial. Just color it on your sidewalk! Let’s face it, the TOMS flag doesn’t take too much artistic skill.

8. Take your TOMS flag and make it a pillow! You might need more than one flag…But that’s okay because then you’re really helping more than one child in need. Either way, just sew them together, add some stuffing stuff and sew it closed! I would personally add something fun along the sides. Some cool buttons would be fun to use in order to spice it up!

TOMs pillow
Photo taken from TOMS blog.

9. Take your awesome camera and give it a makeover by adding on a camera strap made of your flag! Its actually really adorable and gives your camera some personality as well. I’m not sure cameras CAN have personality, but at least you’re trying.

TOMS camera strap
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

10. I love this idea. Take your extra TOMS flags and make a shoe tree out of it! Find a big piece of fabric and sew on the flags. Hang it from the door and stick your TOMS in the pockets! How cool, right? LOVE IT.

TOMs shoe tree
Photo taken from the TOMS blog.

Below are some more ideas that other people came up with! Backpacks, makeup bags, cakes, cupcakes, cell phone covers, iPad case, pinatas, etc.! Send me your ideas at danise@sundancebeach.com! And don’t forget your first destination to pick up your TOMS: Sundance Beach!

Here are some more creative things to do with your TOMs flag.

More TOMS flag ideas
Photos taken from the TOMS blog.


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